A La Carte

We are delighted to announce that Loaves & Fishes have entered into a partnership with Joint Venture Silicon Valley that transfers the day-to-day operations of Joint Venture's program - A La Carte - to Loaves & Fishes. When Joint Venture approached us to consider joining forces regarding A La Carte, our review showed us just how well the program aligned with our food safety protocols, and, most importantly, with our mission to serve anyone who comes to us in need of a nutritious meal, no questions asked.

With the incorporation of A La Carte into our suite of program services, we will double our meal service capacity from 525,000 meals to over 1,000,000 meals each year, enable us to extend our services even further to the often-unrecognized homeless and hungry families, children, veterans, seniors throughout our community who struggle with hunger and food insecurity on a daily basis, and become the largest provider of prepared meals in the Bay Area. We will collaborate with JVSV to identify new corporate and academic partners, secure ongoing funding, and develop even more nonprofit, city and county partnerships to enable us to cast our hunger-relief net even more widely.


Please direct your questions and inquiries/interview requests to Angela Mazza at 408-922-9085 or angela@loavesfishes.org; or Gisela Bushey, at 408-922-9284 or gisela@loavesfishes.org.


1)    Do I have to sign up for services provided? 

No.  Services are provided to all that are in need of a prepared nutritious meal.  Please choose your date and location provided on the calendar and simply show up. 

2)    Do I have to provide documentation or go through a qualification process?

No.  Our policy has always been no questions asked. 

3)    Do I need to have children/family to receive services?

No, our meals are prepared a family of 3 or 4, but individuals are welcome to receive a prepared meal as they can be reheated/frozen to provide meals for several days. 

4)    What will I experience when I arrive at a service site? 

The experience is similar to interacting with a catering truck.  You will approach the vehicle and be given choices of protein, starch and veggie items, based on what we have available that day/time.  You will always be treated in a dignified manner as you receive a nutritious meal. 

5)    How do I know that the food is safe?

We follow the strictest standards of food safety! Our meals are temperature-controlled and we adhere regulations established by the State of California and our drivers are ServSafe Food Handler Certified.  Temperature are taken at time of receipt and time of delivery/pickup.  And all meals are kept within safe food temperatures in our refrigerated vehicles.


6)    After receipt, how do I store and prepare the meal?

Your meal must be refrigerated or reheated to 165 degrees within two hours of receipt.  If you choose to freeze it, please freeze within 3 to 5 days of receipt (must be refrigerated within that time frame).  Directions are on your meal container, however our staff are happy to assist you with any questions.  We recommend not to freeze to not freeze this for more than 30 days.