Simply include Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen in your will now. Your commitment will help us fight hunger today and help provide nutritious prepared meals tomorrow. Step up to the challenge.

Please consdier making a planned gift.

  1. Name Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen in your will.

  2. Tell us about your future gift by emailing

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen's Tax ID?

A. Our Tax ID is 77-0370874

Q. Do I have to make a legally binding pledge to join the Legacy Challenge?

A. No. Like any ordinary bequest, your gift plans can be revised at any time should your circumstances change in the future. That’s why making a gift through one’s will is such a good fit for so many people.

Q. Do I have to choose a gift amount now?

A. No. A popular choice is stating a gift as a percentage, which will automatically adjust no matter what the future may bring.

Q. How can I provide for my family and at the same time support the causes that are important in my life?

A. Many people put aside a percentage – which could be 10% or 20% -- for their favorite causes, while still leaving a large majority of their assets to family and friends. Or you could choose to make a charitable gift of whatever balance remains in a retirement account, which also saves on taxes.

Q. How can I put my spouse or partner first-in-line?

A. You can ensure that your gift is made only after you know the assets won't be needed by your spouse or partner.

Q. Who should I contact to notify Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen of my gift?

A. Contact


Please note: This information is not intended as tax or legal advice. We recommend that you consult with your legal and financial advisors to learn how a gift would work in your circumstances. Laws and regulations governing all gifts and availability of certain life income gifts vary by state.