Programs & Activities

Loaves & Fishes provides hot meals in eastern Santa Clara County to anyone in need including families and the homeless. Loaves & Fishes serves more than 7,000 meals each week or approximately 450,000 annually. We are committed to nutritiously balanced meals and are one of the few meal programs that do not rely on overly processed convenience foods, as locally grown, organic vegetables and fruit are served at each meal. Our garden provides fresh, nutrient dense and delicious seasonal produce.

The first objective of Loaves & Fishes is to meet the most basic nutritional needs of our low-income guests, providing some sense of food security. Secondly, by meeting a portion of a working-poor individual or family’s food needs, they can then use the remainder of their precious resources to pay for other basic needs, such as rent, medical, or utilities. Once basic survival needs are met, guests can then strive to meet other “higher” goals, such as better employment and education, which can lead to true self-sufficiency. Nutritious meals and proper nutrition increase healthy functioning allowing better school and job performance, overall better health, and a more positive outlook on life.