Thanksgiving is almost here, we're most thankful for you.

Thanksgiving is almost here. Leo wanted to share with you what he is most thankful for this year - it’s you. 

“We love the food here. The kids love to come here. They get to eat a full meal and to play outside in the backyard. Eating at Loaves & Fishes is like eating in a restaurant but it doesn't cost us money. I feel good when I come here. I like the volunteers and the people who eat here.

Lord bless the donors. We need people like you who open your hearts to help and tell other people about Loaves & Fishes.” – Leo

Leo retired from Alamo Rental Car Company, where he worked for 10 years. His wife Jackie has been working for the County of Santa Clara for 18 years.

Their daughter is a single mom who lives with them along with her two children, Akailliah and Devahn. Leo & Jackie also look after their nephews Clarence and Joseph.

Thanks to you, Leo, Jackie, and their family have a nutritious meal to eat, including a special Thanksgiving meal with turkey and all the trimmings. The meals you provide are an opportunity for those who face poverty and/or homelessness to enjoy a hot meal while spending the holiday with others.

Will you help provide a Thanksgiving meal to families like Leo’s? Please send your gift today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen