More Than Just a Good Meal - An Inspiration

A young boy struggling to survive domestic violence and poverty, Johnson found some sanctuary in school and extracurricular activities. His mother's gambling addictions drained the little money they had, leaving no electricity, water or food.

Hunger remained a constant in his life, and when he did eat, it was far from healthy or appetizing.

A friend's family welcomed him into their home, but they were struggling financially and hunger was common. They went to Loaves & Fishes - and Johnson joined them.

Johnson deeply valued the healthy and nutritious meals from Loaves & Fishes - something he never got growing up. "The volunteers put their hearts into every meal, and I could taste it!" Loaves & Fishes also gave him hope: "Seeing these staff members and volunteers so dedicated to help others - with no questions asked, gave me so much hope. They know nothing about me and yet were willing to help me and others.

"Because of their example, I chose to dedicate my life to public service."

Since then Johnson has worked as a city and county employee. Today Johnson works on political campaigns to help get youth-advocate candidates elected into office, and serves on the boards of several nonprofit youth agencies. He was earned awards and recognition for his work, including honors from Project Cornerstone and the Movers of the Mountain Award from the Martin Luther King Association of Santa Clara County.