Isaac's Stone Soup Challenge!

We’d like to introduce you to our friend Isaac. At only 9 years old, Isaac has always wanted to help people. He started to save up his allowance and to even collect some of his friends' allowance as well!

Recently, Isaac and his grandma, Theresa came to one of Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen meal service sites. Isaac worked hard during the meal, serving our homeless and hungry guests and never failed to share an angelic smile with every dining guest he met.


 Isaac not only volunteered to help and serve our hungry community that day; he also donated his long-saved money - $81 - to Loaves & Fishes! 

We are so touched by Isaac's big heart and kindness for others.  And his generosity gave us an idea. When we shared it with Isaac and his grandmother, Isaac was “all in!”. 

Isaac would like to challenge YOU to join Isaac’s Stone Soup Challenge! Can you save $81 to add to our pot of Stone Soup? Isaac is inviting Loaves & Fishes donors and volunteers to help raise money towards his new goal of $81,000!  That’s 33,000 meals! (WOW!)

For every dollar donated during Hunger Awareness Month, Sobrato Family Foundation will double your gift!

Help us make Isaac’s Stone Soup Challenge a reality - 33,000 meals to feed our homeless and hungry neighbors across our community!

Challenge your friends and family too and tag them with #IsaacStoneSoupChallenge @LoavesFishesSJ on Facebook and Twitter! 

If we all contribute something to the pot of Stone Soup, we will all feast.