4 Different Ways to Support Loaves and Fishes

Hunger is an everyday concern for millions of Americans, some of whom may be your neighbors, classmates, or friends. The USDA reports that one in seven American households struggle with hunger (in the Bay Area that number is 1 in 4!), including 49 million individuals and 12 million children. -  Loaves and Fishes works to provide hot, healthy meals to those in need, no questions asked. In fiscal  2017-2018 year, we served over 500,000 meals! You can help support your community and help us fight hunger across the Bay Area. Take a look at the list below for some ideas on how to get involved,  because nothing can really get started until hunger is completely stopped.

1. Donate

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the financial generosity of our community. Donations are used to provide hot, nutritious food to the individuals and families in our community that need it. There are many different ways to donate, including giving an online donation, giving a gift in memory of a loved one, or even donating shares of stock! All donations are tax-deductible and go directly back to the community-- helping serve over half a million meals to those in need across the Bay Area.

2. Volunteer

Have a passion for helping others? Come join our more than 4,000 volunteers! Loaves & Fishes is 99% volunteer oriented. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the help we receive from our generous community. There are opportunities for supporters of all ages in our community garden, kitchen, and grocery bag program. Plus, many companies that will match your volunteer hours with a financial donation. Check to see if your company provides volunteer grants by reaching out to your Human Resources or Corporate Social Responsibility department. Visit our volunteer page for more information.


3. Participate in a fundraiser

Loaves and Fishes has numerous fundraising events every year to suit different interests and abilities! Recently, we had nearly 150 participants come to support the cause at the 3rd annual Loaves & Fishes Feed the Need 5K/10K run held on June 3rd. In the past, supporters have also hosted very successful events of their own, like Iron Construction’s Annual Food Drive and Wine party. Whatever your interest, participating in a fundraiser can make a huge impact on our organization and the people we serve, but it also brings you close together with other like-minded community members.

4. Create your own fundraiser

If you can’t make it to one of our fundraisers, set up your own event to inspire donations from the community, and get creative with it! Celebrate the community and bring others together by organizing a public potluck dinner. Charge $5 at the door, and ask some friends and community members to share their favorite recipes from home. Or, involve the kids by coordinating a pizza sale at the next high school football game. Any way you wish to fundraise, use an online event planning tool to spread the word and keep track of donations.

Whichever way you prefer to support us, your help is always greatly appreciated! You can help Loaves and Fishes can make an even bigger impact  over the next year to help your neighbors in need, and help bring the community together.