Thank you team Intrinsic Awarded 'Best Creative' for SVBJ Create-a-thon

A special thank you to team Intrinsic for being awarded 'Best Creative' in the Silicon Valley Business Journal 2016 Create-a-thon. Andrea De Luca, Andrew Lucido, and Hieu Tran worked together on a collaboration to create an advertising campaign for Loaves & Fishes as a part of the Create-a-thon competition. 

Working with Loaves & Fishes Executive Director, Jennifer Chen, and Sr. Marketing & Development Manager, Maddy Martin, team Intrinsic worked to produce an ad campaign for the 'Team Building Cooking Experience'. Not only did the team build a phenomenal creative ad campaign, they also made a detailed analysis of Loaves & Fishes, needs, position in the market, and opportunity to optimize the campaign.

Check out their amazing ad!

Loaves & Fishes is proud to have partnered with the students from SJSU, and truly grateful for the support.

Interested in your group joining us for the 'Team Building Cooking Experience'? You can find out more at