Free Summer Meals


This summer your support will help us continue to provide free nutritious meals at a time when it is needed most. During the Summer, children have less access to nutritious food. 

A child’s basic needs are interrupted because they do not have access to school provided meal programs.

•    Food insecurity increases during the summer break without access to the nutrition provided by the National School Lunch Program.

•    Children may gain weight two to three times faster during the summer than during the school year as calorie-laden but nutrient-deficient food is often the cheapest, more convenient and most readily available to most low-income households.

•    Low-income youth may fall further behind in academic skills during the summer break, experiencing greater “summer learning loss” than their higher-income peers and widening the achievement gap.

Children who do not receive proper nutrition suffer from a lack of development. Hunger is an important issue in today’s society because it is interconnected with children’s development. 

In the 2014 Hunger Report, statistics revealed that children who are unable to receive nutritious meals on a daily basis, tend to have further physical and intellectual difficulties  such as:

-    higher risks of developing chronic health problems, 
-    doing poorly in school, dropping out, 
-    getting involved in crime, 
-    losing jobs and being unemployed 

In order to stop hunger from causing further damage to children’s development, we as community members should work together to provide and serve nutritional food to low-income families with children. No child should suffer from hunger.

Hunger rates in the United States remain tremendously high in part because of a weak recovery since the end of the Great Recession. Child hunger is directly related to the poverty that results from parents being unemployed or underemployed. To defeat hunger is to fight poverty at the same time. Food programs need support from community members to help children receive all the  nutrition they need. It is time to gather together as a community and make a difference to a child’s future.

Loaves & Fishes is open 360 days a year including throughout summer. We provide free hot nutritious meals to anyone in need with a special emphasis on families, seniors and the homeless. This year we are on track to serve 200,000 meals to 127,500 unduplicated individuals, including 38,250 children in Santa Clara County.