Thanh's Story

You Can Help Families Like Thanh’s

Thanh with children Tammy, Alex & Baby

Thanh with children Tammy, Alex & Baby

 How did you find out about Loaves & Fishes’ service?

"I came from Vietnam and have been living in San Jose for only two years. A few months ago, I was walking by Eastside Neighborhood Center with my kids. It was really hot outside and we were thirsty. I needed to get water and thought that Eastside Neighborhood Center would have water to provide for us. I met a Chinese-Vietnamese man outside the building who gave me bread and water that he got from Loaves & Fishes. He told me about the services that Loaves & Fishes offered and what times I should come."

How has Loaves & Fishes helped you?

"I come here for people to help me get food for my three children and I. I don't know how to drive so I walk everywhere. It is tiring, but I walk almost an hour to pick up my daughter to and from her school and there is no time to cook afterwards by the time we get home. We are only a family of four, but we also live with other people in the same house and it is not convenient for me to cook. I am only able to cook a little at a time when it is possible. 

Loaves & Fishes helps me by making it easier for me as a mother to my three young kids and providing them food when I cannot sometimes. My kids like going here and they actually eat the food. It makes me happy to see that they are eating even when they don't want to eat the food that I make at home."

What differences or improvements have you seen in your life?

"I feel that I am happier because my life is getting easier little by little. I like coming here because people are happy here and it makes me happy because I feel that my family and I are accepted with open arms. This is a place where people have shown love and kindness to me and listened and understood me to where I don't feel as lonely. 

I am so grateful for Hyru's (Volunteer Manager) generous work and dedication to help make this place come true to help others. It gives me hope for the future and to see my kids grow up knowing that there are good people and services like Loaves & Fishes out there. I want to thank everyone involved from the bottom of my heart."