Volunteer Dave Romeri Awarded as a Finalist in the 49ers Community Impact Awards

Volunteer Dave Romeri was awarded as a finalist with the 49ers Community Impact Award.

Community Impact Award Winner Dave Romeri with 49ers Quarterback Steve Bono

In 2013, Dave Romeri, a retired landscaper and loyal kitchen volunteer, noticed the produce being served at Loaves & Fishes was not as fresh as it could be. He also noticed a plot of overgrown land near one of our service locations. He quickly put things in motion by asking and receiving permission to start an organic garden for Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen on the overgrown garden plot.

This beautiful organic garden which started with a few beds of lettuce, has not grown to one third of an acre filled year round with nutritional produce such as tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, peppers, kale, and much more. All of this healthy. organic produce is either used in the Loaves & Fishes hot nutritious meals served to low-income seniors, families and homeless, or donated to partner nonprofits. This bounty is served over a 50 mile radius and feeds over 155,000 individuals in the Bay Area, including 43,500.

Loaves & Fishes has been lucky to have The Garden Crew of volunteers led by Dave Romeri for as many as 5 years with a combined total years of service that adds up to over 25 years. Together they have made many lifelong friends from our pool of guests, nonprofit partners, and their fellow volunteers. 

Dave and his dedicated team perform grueling work in the garden 5 days a week all year long. Dave, Larry, Chuck, Gigi and Ed also serve evening meals at our meal services a couple days a week. Dave and Chuck hae been volunteering for over 5 years. Larry & Gigi have been volunteering for over 3 years, and Ed 2 years. We are truly thankful for their commitment and service to our community.

In addition to a celebratory luncheon, finalists will be recognized in a pre-game, on-field ceremony at Levi's Stadium on Sunday October 18th.