Loaves & Fishes Top Tips for FEED the NEED 5K/10K For Beginners

First time training for a 5K/10K? Been out of the game for a while and needing motivation to get back in? Here our are favorite run/walk training tips for the 2nd annual FEED the NEED 5K/10K run/walk on June 4, 2017.

  1. Good socks are as important as good shoes. Look for socks that are seam-free, and ones that manage moisture so you won't get blisters.

  2. Sign up before you lace up! It will be the motivation you need to complete your goal http://bit.ly/2017feedtheneed

  3. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are to anyone but you.

  4. Get proper running shoes. Running in the wrong shoes or worn out shoes could lead to injury and won't get you to the start line, let alone the finish line

  5. Don't worry about how fast you are running. Speed will come later once your aerobic base has improved. Just increase the duration of your runs gradually.

  6. When you finish your first run, don't stop suddenly. Instead, walk for another five minutes to cool down gradually.

  7. Stretching not only increases flexibility but can also be a vital way to avoid injury. Stretch your major muscle groups with a focus on the quadriceps, hamstrings, IT band, upper and lower back, groin and hip flexors. Slowly ease your way into each stretch and hold it for 30 to 45 seconds.

  8. Run tall without a pronounced forward lean

  9. Don't look at your shoes as you run; look toward the horizon.

  10. You can run faster by increasing your stride turnover, not by overreaching with each stride.

  11. On uphills, shorten your stride, and drive more with your arms. Try to maintain an even effort, not pace

  12. When running downhill, let gravity work for you by leaning slightly forward

  13. Complex carbohydrates, the kind you get from unprocessed fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, can give you the necessary energy to run the race.

  14. While you're training, don't be afraid to alternate between running and walking. Though it's less strenuous than running, walking still keeps your muscles engaged.

  15. Resting is just as important to your training as running. Running every single day doesn't allow your body the time it needs to recover from the workout.

  16. It may only be 3.1 miles, but if you warm up with some brisk walking or light jogging 25 minutes before the race, you'll not only prevent injury, but your muscles will also be ready to go once the race begins.

  17. Proper form is key. Keep your head and chest upright and your shoulders and hands relaxed (no clenched fists).

  18. Pay attention to turns in the course and move over as soon as possible to hug the curves, shortening the distance.

Our best tip? Join us on June 4th, 2017 for the 2nd annual FEED the NEED 5K/10K fundraiser for Loaves & Fishes. Help support your community by providing over 450,000 free nutritious prepared meals to children, families, seniors, and the homeless.

Loaves & Fishes Food Locations Open to Help Displaced Flood Victims

Up to 50,000 residents across the Bay Area have been evacuated this week in the wake of a series of fierce storms. “This is a once-in-a-100-year flood event,” National Weather Service meteorologist Roger Gass said to the Los Angeles Times, referring to Coyote Creek’s surging height in South San Jose. “This is a record level.”

Road closures and detours across the Bay Area are making the grueling commute more difficult than normal. Areas such as Hwy 17 and US 101 at Coyote Creek, who’s spillway crested Tuesday night (02/21/17), are being affected as many people seek alternative routes or avoid traffic altogether. 

Loaves & Fishes provides free nutritious prepared meals at two locations Monday - Friday at 4:30pm. All are welcome, no questions asked. 

  1. Eastside Neighborhood Center; 2150 Alum Rock Avenue, San Jose

  2. Goodwill of Silicon Valley; 1080 North 7th Street, San Jose.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation has opened a Flood Fund to assist flood victims.

You can donate at https://www.siliconvalleycf.org/sjflood

A Happy Sharksgiving Thank you San Jose Sharks!

Thank you San Jose Sharks for volunteering and donating a #Sharksgiving meal to guests at Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen! Thank you also for the AMAZING donation of $20,000 that will provide nutritious meals to children and their families.  Haley, Jones, and Donskoi helped out with Sharksgiving in partnership with SAPsv

The Sharks Foundation has been a huge supporter of Loaves & Fishes for many years and we are truly grateful for the support!

Thank you team Intrinsic Awarded 'Best Creative' for SVBJ Create-a-thon

A special thank you to team Intrinsic for being awarded 'Best Creative' in the Silicon Valley Business Journal 2016 Create-a-thon. Andrea De Luca, Andrew Lucido, and Hieu Tran worked together on a collaboration to create an advertising campaign for Loaves & Fishes as a part of the Create-a-thon competition. 

Working with Loaves & Fishes Executive Director, Jennifer Chen, and Sr. Marketing & Development Manager, Maddy Martin, team Intrinsic worked to produce an ad campaign for the 'Team Building Cooking Experience'. Not only did the team build a phenomenal creative ad campaign, they also made a detailed analysis of Loaves & Fishes, needs, position in the market, and opportunity to optimize the campaign.

Check out their amazing ad!

Loaves & Fishes is proud to have partnered with the students from SJSU, and truly grateful for the support.

Interested in your group joining us for the 'Team Building Cooking Experience'? You can find out more at http://www.loavesfishes.org/groups-corporate/

Help feed our hungry neighbors this holiday season

Hunger is hard for any family. Fortunately, in the Bay Area, there are many places to turn for help. But what happens when help is too hard to reach? We do not want children, families, seniors, and homeless individuals to go hungry just because they can’t get to sources of food. Loaves & Fishes delivers warm meals to those in need through our innovative “Soup Kitchen 2.0” program: We provide over 400,000 nutritious prepared meals year-round to a network of 25 nonprofit partners across the Bay Area. 

Loaves & Fishes’ team (Evan, Marco and Randy) load the truck todeliver turkeys and meals to our partners.

Loaves & Fishes’ team (Evan, Marco and Randy) load the truck todeliver turkeys and meals to our partners.

Loaves & Fishes delivers hope to families and individuals living in low-income neighborhoods where access to affordable and healthy food is difficult for many reasons, including lack of transportation or the absence of major retail grocery stores. Even with access to fresh ingredients, many share homes with other families and work multiple jobs making it difficult to access a kitchen. Many partner agencies inform us that if Loaves & Fishes did not provide these meals,  clients would not have any other viable option for a nutritious meal. By partnering with other nonprofit organizations for distribution, Loaves & Fishes drastically decreased meal costs while tripling the number of meals served in the past two years.   

Please help us deliver hope to hungry neighbors this holiday season (if you have already made your year end contribution, thank you!). With your gift today, you can help us continue to deliver hope in the form of much-needed warm meals to our most vulnerable neighbors in the Bay Area (and help us make an even bigger impact in the coming year). Thank you for supporting Loaves & Fishes! Together, we can make a difference in our community.  

Happy holidays, 


Jennifer J. Chen

Executive Director

Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen.